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Leverage checklists to help your users organize personal, project, priority or any other list of tasks that need to be done on time. It will help your users stay organized throughout the day.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4726 Replace cURL APIs with ExternalResourceClient for Sugar 12.2+ compatibility - This add-on cannot be installed into Sugar 12.2+ in SugarCloud because it is using cURL APIs. Can yo Matt @ SugarOutfitters Open Bug?
#4257 Not able to create active users - I am using Chrome. In your interface to drag and drop users, I cannot select or move anything. Johng Closed Bug?
#4113 Sugar 9.0 compatibility - Hello, I am interested in your add-on. When will it be updated for Sugar 9.0? Asante Closed General Question
#4086 Report on who checked a box - We need to make a report on who checked what box on what record and while the checklists are in repo kbrill Closed General Question
#4025 View Description from the Checklist Sidecar Dashlet - Is it possible to add functionality that would allow the List Item descriptions to be visible in the BMyers Closed Feature
#3851 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: 8.0.0 - Tried to upload the zip file to Sugar via module loader ckorson Closed Installation
#3550 Sugar 6.5.5 Community Edition compatibility? - Is your checklist able to integrate with Sugar 6.5.5 Community Edition? calgroup Closed Installation
#3543 Sweet checklist for Sugar 6.x - Hi, I need Sweet Checklist for Sugar 6.X. Kindly help me in this regard. Thank you. adnannasir1 Closed Installation
#3150 Field Render Failed Error - Just loaded the module. Tried to load as per video and received this error during "Create" gvotkin Closed Bug?
#2829 Does the plugin support the bugs module> - We would use the checklists with bugs module, is this possible? We need to add custom fields to y ckorson Closed General Question
#2691 I get an 500 error when... - Hi When I am adding the dashlet - save, I get this error ![sweetcheck.JPG](https://www.sugaroutf kgm Closed Bug?