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#3664 - We have purchased this theme 4 months ago and found a lot of buggs and no answer from 6 weeks.

Open Bug? created by brunobergeon Verified Purchase a year ago

We have purchased this theme 4 months ago and found a lot of buggs.
KanBan doesn't work,
Email are bugged
Color personnalisation doesn't work .....
Support contacted me, but total silence from 6 weeks, despite my mails

Thank you to contact me urgently

Bests regards

  1. marcomm member avatar

    Sugar-project Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Bruno,
    color personalization works correctly on the latest version of the theme (you can dowload it from your account here on SugarOutfitters); there were problems regarding this functionality in a previous version we sent you directly.
    About Kanban, we are working on it to improve its functionalities.
    However we are available, let's talk directly next week.

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