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#3264 - PRO VS BASIC

Open Feature created by n8weaver 2 years ago

What is the difference between PRO and BASIC, is one community edition the other PRO?

Are there different features with each if so can you outline which ones. I bought Basic and some features are not working I wonder if that is because they only come with pro?

  1. marcomm member avatar

    Sugar-project Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    the two versions of the Sugar-Project Theme (Basic and Professional) are both for SuiteCRM.
    In the Professional version there are some additional features.
    In detail, both the Basic and Professional version have the following features:
    - Responsive interface (that can be easily used even on mobile phones.
    - Administrative panel where it is possible to set the theme colors and the number of items to display in the left menu and in the subpanel toolbar.
    - ListView with Details (with a simple click on the arrow at the left of each record, you can show its details directly in the ListView).
    - Sticky Notes (an useful sticky notes module always accessible from the Top Bar).
    The Professional version has the following additional features:
    - Calendar ListView; this feature allows to switch the records list of each module into the calendar format (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) and to edit the records directly from the calendar through a specific dialog. It can be easily activated and configured (select time, date, duration and info to display for each record) from its specific admin panel.
    - Kanban ListView; this view can be activated for any module from its admin panel, on the basis of a dropdown field. It displays the records organized in vertical blocks based on the dropdown values; in this way records are easily editable by dragging them from one block to another.
    - Grid Edit ListView; this view allows the edit of all the fields displayed in the ListView irrespectively of the field type (checkbox, dropdown, date, relate etc.). By selecting a row, you can edit in a single shot all the record fields – this constitutes a huge improvement to the inline edit functionality.
    - Cards ListView; this view allows to organize each module ListView into cards (useful for example for the Contacts module, to visually display each contact showing its photo and key information).
    - Subpanels Settings; it is possible, from a specific admin panel, to select for which modules to enable the subpanels toolbar.
    - SugarPrint for any ListView; it is possible to print with a single click reports in PDF and Excel from any ListView without having to build any report since SugarPrint works on SugarCRM filters and ListView results.
    I'll be glad to better describe these features to you on Skype; write me ( to arrange.
    Best regards,

    • n8weaver member avatar


      2 years ago

      i've attempted to load on both sugarcrm C and suitecrm. On two different instance both cases got same 500 error... uploading module first both times.

      This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
      HTTP ERROR 500

    • marcomm member avatar

      Sugar-project Provider Affiliate

      2 years ago

      if you give me access to your CRM (write me by email at, this is a public area so don't publish login details here) we can understand the reason of the issue and help you.
      Best regards,

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