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SugarPrint enables printing to PDF / XLS export of any: List view, Detail view and Calendar view in SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Community Edition. SugarPrint makes exporting basic or advanced Search Results to PDF or Excel a one-click process.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4325 Regarding Calender Issue - I installed SugarPrint but i am getting issue . Meeting date and Calls date is not showing on Calend anchal Open Bug?
#4006 Installed to SuiteCRM 7-10 - Installation proceeded normally. Did a quick repair & rebuild Attempted to use as described & PDF ian Open Bug?
#3592 Lof of decimals in currcncy formatting - We recentely upgraded suiteCRM to version 7.8.13 (Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) ). In all the gmanara Open Bug?
#3504 would like to get it refunded as it ddnt solve my purpose. - would like to get it refunded shaveekapoor Open Installation
#3492 Hi, Can you please confirm. - Hi, I am using third party Report Module and i want excel export ability using your add on. Right no shaveekapoor Open General Question
#3394 Do not see the sugarprint button in opportunities detail view - Can you please provide instructions on turning on the button in the opportunities detail view. Purc ecmperformance Open Feature
#3259 Columns not in order when generating reports - Hello, I'm using SugarPrint on SuiteCRM, but when I generate a Report and try to export it to Excel omolist Open Bug?
#3148 Missing argument 1 for KReporter - I installed a new version of SuiteCRM from 7.3.x to 7.8.x, and when i wish to open one report, throw eduardo1 Open Bug?
#3092 installed, but no option to execute a report - installed on CE 6.5.25 seems anything is fine but there is in format tab no button to ex ht Open Bug?
#2972 One user - hi there, This apps is only working for me as an admin not for the other user ???? Can you hel Alex Open Bug?
#2906 The package didn't integrate properly - The package didn't integrate properly with our sugar theme, leading to optical errors. The Excel fo erikeberwein Closed Bug?
#2880 admin page problem - hello sir, i install a sugarCRM Version 6.5.24 (Build 509). i this site admin page nancymehta Open Bug?
#2846 Pictures do not appear in PDF export - When exporting PDF from a custom module the included images on the record are not included in the PD rob2 Open Bug?
#2827 Incorrect installation - Hello SuiteCRM 7.7.9 (Windows, Appache, MsSQL 2008) SugarPrint 1.39 Have several problems: 1) dmitrychichkalenko Open Installation
#2667 Page crash when export around 2000 records - Hi Support, What is maximize records to be exported? i try around 100 records and it work great, Andreasb Open Bug?
#2645 Which .zip i should use? - Hi there, I'm using SugarCRM, can you please tell me which .zip i should use? SugarPrint.x.zi Andreasb Open Installation
#2365 Create report in ListView but the wheel keep spinning - Hi, I installed V1.38 into suiteCRM 7.6.4 Whenever I create any reports in ListView, The wheel keep thomastangca Open Bug?
#2337 Cannot print any report - Working in progress - Hi! I'm facing a strange issue trying to use sugarprint. I installed the module, did a quick rep nordestinnovazione Open Bug?
#2290 Hi, I upgraded to Suite CRM 7.6.4 (Sugar 6.5.23 (Compilaçāo 1061) and the Sugar Print does not work anymore - I downloaded and installed latest version of sugar print, still getting same error. Buttons disa jaqvalle Open Bug?
#2130 Export to Excel Not an Option - After following the user guide, it says to choose export to excel as the report type. I do not have stephentew Closed Bug?
#1970 SugarPrint doesn't work with Suite 7.5.1 and KReport - When i try to print the report it comes out empty/blank ososa Open Bug?
#1960 Missing button labels on SugarPrint - Hi, Since we tried the latest version of SugarPRint, all the SugarPrint buttons are missing any tex ll Open Bug?
#1959 Issue when exporting Excel from SuiteCRM Report Module - Hi, On SuiteCRM, the report which are extracted to Excel via SuiteCRM report module not correctly e ll Open Bug?
#1871 Report cuts off long list - When creating a report of say Contacts, list in Sugar has 547 however when PDF or excel is generated cnddev Open Bug?
#1830 No reports. The wheel keeps spinning - I have installed v1.37 now. The design part looks right now, but I can't get any reports out of it. Japio Open Bug?
#1826 Design doesn't work properly - Hi, please assist. Which version should I download for SuiteCRM. Now I have a mixed-up design Japio Closed Bug?
#1797 Testing demo - Hello, I have a reports module on suitecrm, it has a PDF option but the problem is for reports wi pointspatron Open General Question
#1791 Class 'PHPExcel_Calculation' not found - When I try to create a report for Excel I get the following error: PHP Fatal error: Class 'PHPExce terminalcrm Open Bug?
#1790 Won't export ALL of the list view - Will only export up to 40 records on the list view at a time. n8weaver Open Bug?
#1700 How Can I add a field of another module? - How Can I add a field of another module? Thanks, chentefernando Open General Question
#1699 Problem in Group by Date - In a normal or crosstab report I cant group by Date and the function of "Date Interval" not responds chentefernando Open Bug?
#1664 buttons don't appeat - This Plugin never worked well. We have bought it and can't have any thing working In the curren luis1 Open Bug?
#1580 SuiteCRM - Hello, i have just purchased the module and installed in suitecrm-7.1.4-1. everything seems to be ok jaime Open Bug?
#1545 SuiteCRM Version 7.3.1 - Hi datamain, It appears that your latest SuiteCRM version of the plugin does not work with the la FibreCRM Open Bug?
#1435 Date filter doesn't work - SuiteCRM - Hi, when I select a date field the report is stuck in a progress dialog for ever. In my log this is eduardoscarello Open Bug?
#1434 The count checkbox in the Calc section doesn't get saved when saving the report - SuiteCRM - Hi guys. I have been trying to save a report in SuiteCRM, all the fields and groups checkboxes ar eduardoscarello Open Bug?
#1411 The Excel export is extremely slow - Hi, exporting a list of at least 1000 records the file takes really a lot of time to be produced, alexbiet Open Bug?
#1360 Download PDF with Kreports and select clause - Hi, When i want to download a pdf file with a Kreports when in the select clause there is no a f ESFORMA S.COOP. Open Bug?
#1354 Download Excel file in Kreports - I have a kreport with custom fields, and i want to download it as an excel file, but it doesn´t wor ESFORMA S.COOP. Open Bug?
#1346 This module does not work properly - I have suite CRM 7.1 We bought the SugarPrint module but there are several issues. Graphics won't luis1 Open Bug?
#1345 Label are not showing - Labels are not showing or stating undefined.... seems to be a problem with the new suite for many bu n8weaver Open Bug?
#1249 sugar print is not working !!!! - Hi ! I Have just purchased and installed sugarprint add on. Our CRM is latest SuiteCRM version jaques Open Bug?
#1221 starts spinning.. never creates report - when I try to use it , it just "spins" -after a few minutes, I give up. Skype: StephenGSchultz ssc Steve Schultz Open General Question
#1074 Report only work on some modules - Hi, I'm trying sugarprint but I'm having several problems. I can generate reports on accounts luis1 Open Bug?
#982 Button not working after upgrade - After upgrading to version 1.125 all the module's buttons stop to work. The buttons are visible but gmanara Open Bug?
#868 SugarPrint Causes Calendar to Report Error When Loading - When I double click on a Calendar Item to edit it or create a new calendar item then an Error when L markwheeldon Open Bug?
#850 Installed SugarPrint in SuiteCRM - SugarPrint has installed after install when I click on teh report button. There are no button label markwheeldon Open Bug?
#727 Kreport Integration and - I've bought sugarprint to use with KReports and after installation we have two problems. - I don ESFORMA S.COOP. Open Bug?
#725 Kreport Integration - I´m using SugarPrint with KReporter V3.0.6 Open Source but I can´t see buttons to Generate PDF o E juanalo Open General Question
#716 Limit of records when creating a report - I am being limited to 60 records when creating a report. Is there a way to adjust the limit? Evalentine Open General Question
#715 Ability to edit - Is there the ability to edit while in the Report creation window, without having to re-save it as a Evalentine Open Feature
#699 PDF with logo not working - It would seem the PDF functionality does not work if I select "Print Logo". I get the following err cnddev Open Bug?
#631 Buttons are displayed only after a click - Hi, I installed SugarPrint on my SugarCRM, but I have two problems: 1) module doesn't work in li SME UP SPA Open Feature
#603 Error to install on Sql server - Hi, I have error when to install in SuiteCRM (Sugar CE) with sql server, SugarPrint works on Listvie aruiz Open Installation
#543 Remove From Detail View - We are using CE 6.5.10 and have an add on for Editable Detail View that allows us to double click on Jackal Software Open General Question
#537 Can't see the module - I have installed the module but can not see it in the module tab and not in the list views. I use elisabet Closed Installation