#6 - OnDemand Support

Open Feature created by blak3r 9 years ago

It'd be nice if when you uploaded a module you checked to see if the code contained any of the OnDemand Module Loader Restrictions.

I'm assuming you could just use the Sugar Code to do the tests for you and it'd help developers be aware of what they'd need to do.

Also, I suspect there are going to be OnDemand users that are going to want a filter for modules which they could install.

  1. jason member avatar

    jason Provider

    9 years ago

    We agree and this is something we are currently investigating.

  2. jenndunn12m member avatar


    9 years ago

    Has this issue been resolved yet? This would be a great addition for us.

    • jason member avatar

      jason Provider

      9 years ago

      We've rolled out scanning that does a subset of the full OnDemand scanning and are currently working on enabling the rest of the scanner. We're excited to have this available for everyone, as well.

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