#180 - Selling detail

Closed Bug? created by sourcecreativity 10 years ago

Dear support,

Please tell me where can I see the list of my selling: OrderID, Customer, Date of the order, ...

I found the Sales Data List without detail, just the total of selling by month.

Thank you in advance

  1. jason member avatar

    jason Provider

    10 years ago

    In addition to an email that is sent to you upon each sale you can pull an extract by going to Account -> Payment Info. Right at the top there will be an Extract button. We are in the middle of adding some sales webhooks so that upon a sale you can give an endpoint for us to hit that lets you automatically process sales on your end.

  2. sourcecreativity member avatar


    10 years ago

    Dear support, Ok, Great :) Thank you very much for your reply and for your great support, Best regards

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