#10 - Added On Page [Edit] Buttons (when user = owner)

Open Feature created by blak3r 9 years ago

I find the process of Clicking Account, then clicking the docs button (if it's a doc other then the homepage) vs. Edit Details button a little confusing.

Took me a while to find the docs button the first time.

Would be nice if you could just view the pages just like everyone else and then click "Edit Page".

I generally spot the errors in my user pages when viewing the live version of the site and the additional steps to edit my page adds friction.

Furthermore, it's not clear what the real purpose of splitting up the short description vs the long description is at this time. It seems you just truncate the short description anyway at a particular length.

  1. jason member avatar

    jason Provider

    9 years ago

    We'll revamp the editing process in the near future to make it more inline to what you'd expect. The short summary is used on the search results, home page, home page banner, and for external search engines like Google. If no short summary exists we just use the description and chop it off at some point. Right now, search results and home page list results do just get summary + description smashed together and chopped. I see that going away and using just the summary such as the banner and external search content uses.

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