Support Cases Author Status Type
#4397 Trying to Map another Field, Sync did not work - Good Afternoon, I mapped a new field in SugarCRM. the field is "related commercial category". I ran frank Closed Bug?
#4396 Trying to send an email blast today but having issues - For some reason I don't believe our list is poplulating correctly into Mailchimp from SugarCRM. I've frank Closed Bug?
#3414 Error when try to launch a Dashboard - Hello. I'm getting an error when tryinh to launch a Dashboard. Previously after selecting the us shah.zilani Closed Bug?
#438 License appears to not be active although annual subscription was paid in December - My SugarCRM CE install with Sugar Suite Teams is displaying the following message "SecuritySuite is ssaddler Closed General Question
#362 I think it is must have: Search content in Descriptions, Documentation, Cases - not only add-ons names - Hi I think it is must have: Search content in Descriptions, Documentation, Cases - not only add-ons kir Open Feature
#316 Looking for purchases - We are looking for our first purchases for our customers , what is best way to do that, do customer ashdwi1 Closed Feature
#297 When entering my gmail id and password, message reports: Authentication with Google failed. Reason: BadAuthentication. - 1.7 trial installed fine, when entering my gMail id and password, and click Validate - message repor eric Closed Bug?
#296 Compatibility options - I can't seem to update the Compatibility section of one of my modules. Can you direct me to where th datasync Closed Feature
#286 How to make addon public - Hi there, We have an account on your site and currently have two add ons for which we are in the Loaded Technologies Closed Bug?
#261 Can't validate License Key - The License Key don't run for my Gsync add-on picardvincen Closed Bug?
#260 How to load new plugin Google Sync - Could you indicate me where is the file and how to load the new plugin version1.4 of Google Sync? I' picardvincen Closed Bug?
#259 Error bill - I tried Google Sync 4 months ago with a free trial. At the end of the free trial, I suscribed for picardvincen Closed Bug?
#181 Pricing Change Documentation - Do you have a document on the best way to change a module price? I would like existing customers ModLabs Closed Feature
#180 Selling detail - Dear support, Please tell me where can I see the list of my selling: OrderID, Customer, Date of t sourcecreativity Closed Bug?
#179 About the Refund of an order? - Dear support, I see that there is a refund in my selling list of June 2013. Please could you tell sourcecreativity Closed Bug?
#159 Error - Hello, I have arror when i add user "gmail + password". Erreur :redirect_uri_mismatch The red goldfr Closed Bug?
#139 Problem installing DeDupit on Sugar Professional 6.7 - The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: 6.7.0. trishsports Closed Bug?
#130 Stage Trackers - Hello, I just purchased Stage Trackers , was able to install. I need your help on the following er chimientip Closed Bug?
#121 Purchased Stage Tracker - Hi I just purchased stage tracker and trying to install it, but when I enter the license key I get chimientip Closed Bug?
#117 Send Cases to a support email address. - I would like to have an option to set an additional email address where cases can be sent. This way ModLabs Closed Feature
#110 Issue a refund - How do you issue a refund? Ticomix, Inc Closed Feature
#91 Invoice for my order. - Hi. Can you send to me the invoice relate to my order (#200)? Thanks in advance. Bye. Ivan M. Gr N2ST Closed Bug?
#26 Sales stats are not working - The sales stats page and payouts are all zero even though sales and payouts have occurred. ModLabs Closed Bug?
#16 Downloads - When i select download in my account area i get an Oop's error and cannot access my downloads. Th Glen Closed Bug?
#15 Member Names should be editable - Item 1: I do not use my member name to login so I am not sure why this is not editable. Item 2: ModLabs Closed Bug?
#10 Added On Page [Edit] Buttons (when user = owner) - I find the process of Clicking Account, then clicking the docs button (if it's a doc other then the blak3r Open Feature
#7 Default Introduction page references "skydialer" - The default introduction page provides links to the various pages. It has the module name hardcoded blak3r Closed Bug?
#6 OnDemand Support - It'd be nice if when you uploaded a module you checked to see if the code contained any of the OnDem blak3r Open Feature
#5 Add Redirect URL param for license config.php - Add a new param to your config.php that specifies the page the user should be directed to after they blak3r Closed Feature
#4 SampleLicenseAddon has $language instead of $current_language - In the method below, the $language variable isn't defined. I believe it should be set to $current_l blak3r Closed Bug?
#1 License Key after purchase is empty - After making a purchase for an add-on that requires a license key the license key box shows but does jason Closed Bug?