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SugarAdobeSign for all editions of SugarCRM and Suite CRM allows you to send e-sign contracts for electronic signature with AdobeSign services and track your documents anytime, anywhere within minutes. SugarAdobeSign also allows you to send templates that were created in AdobeSign from SugarCRM.

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#4666 - SugarCRM Version 11.0.2 (Build 275 E) Adobe Sign Package Needed

Open Installation created by webapps Verified Purchase 2 months ago


I tried installing the Adobe Sign package into SugarCRM Version 11.0.2 Enterprise Module Loader from Admin Panel. I am getting error when trying to install it. It says 'Could not find the package'.

I also tried repair & rebuild after uploading the package also. I am not able to remove the package also from the Module Loader.


  1. techloyce member avatar

    techloyce Provider

    2 months ago


    Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you please let us know share your account username/password so that we can check it out for you ?

    Regards, Techloyce Support

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