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#4478 - Multiple entites in one CRM and branding!

Open General Question created by it12 a year ago

Hi Guys,

Do you support multiple branding per CRM module if e-signature platform does? We have several entities and each one is dedicated to one module in CRM (Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Projects).

We would need an option to send files from each of these modules with different branding. Is this possible with you app?

Thank you.

  1. techloyce member avatar

    techloyce Provider

    a year ago

    Hi, We do support the option to send documents from CRM Modules like Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Contacts. Regards

    • it12 member avatar


      a year ago


      Can each of modules be setup to use a different branding when sending documents? In other words, we need to send documents with different entity for each of these modules.

      Thank you.

    • techloyce member avatar

      techloyce Provider

      a year ago


      We can do the customization as per your requirements once you have bought the Module.


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