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With the WhatsApp Integration, your team can engage buyers and increase sales revenue with individualized conversations via one-click WhatsApp sending from anywhere in the Sugar. Utilize convenient features like two-way messaging, WhatsApp templates, and more.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4664 Calls always Failed - Hi, I'm partner of Sugar and I'm triying to help our customer EUDE. They're very interested in redk - Professional Services BCN Open Bug?
#4639 Multiple Business Accounts - Customer who is going to use this product is looking for multiple Business Accounts. They have diff ramamoorthy Open General Question
#4610 Does it works to send outbound notifications to customers? - Hello, From Sugar I have a ticket system and I need to send notifications to customer about the Open Feature
#4499 Does it only work with Accounts/Contacts/Leads? - Our sales reps log communications/calls on the Opportunities module. Does your addon not work with t fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#4480 In relation with sugarCRM whatsapp integration - We are a sugarCRM partner. We are willing to test sugarCRM whatsapp integration for a customer of o mesteban Closed General Question
  • "Super addon!!! It works very great with Sugar and finally we can offer a all-in-one solution (CRM + WA)" - mirco.marcigaglia

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