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#2418 - Doesnt work on MS SQL

Closed Bug? created by smartpesa Verified Purchase 6 years ago

It was already reported to developers, but lack of response.

Module does not work on MS SQL. It makes use of LIMIT query parameters without differentiating on database engine.

We bought this module but its still not resolved; followed up 3 times.

Requesting intervention from SugarOutfitters to get it working

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hi Thorsten,

    Hope you are keeping well.

    We are extremely sorry for the delayed response. We have made our plugin compatible with MS SQL and uploaded the latest file on Sugar Outfitters. Would you please download, install and have a look?

    We are awaiting your response and help further in the best possible way.

    P.S. We also sent an email to yesterday for the same.

    Thanks, Biztech.

  2. smartpesa member avatar

    smartpesa Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    MS SQL Testing Feedback on Windows platform: License Configuration - works, of course Quote Configuration - works Manage Quote Category - works; but why is it not on the Administration Page directly as link? Login Page Quote Display according to Quote Category Configuration - works, but just call it "Login Page Quotes Display", easier right?

    Image Slider Configuration - not work. change of value does not save Upload Slider Images - upload completes, but can not load image -> incorrect file pathname handling - click remove image still keeps image box returned back to "Upload"; how to remove it completely from the slider?

    Image Slider Configuration "Save" goes back to Administration, "Login page Quotes Display" press "Save" stays on same page. No button to "Return To Admin" -> very inconsistent; shows no attention to details "Upload Images" is name in Administration, but in page it is "Upload Slider Images". Again, why not consistent?

    So, in summary, its not all working. Please fix. Uploading pictures works, but they do not display - not in admin, and not on login

  3. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hi Thorsten,

    As we are communicating through email, this case is being closed for now. Get in touch through for any further concern.

    Hope this helps!

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