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SugarCRM Survey Plugin With Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey plugin, you can build surveys that trigger automatically to get real-time feedback from customers. It gives custom survey templates, online polls and more. Moreover, you can use the CRM data using inward and outward piping mechanism.

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#3191 - Ability to dectivate Surveys or make them not visible to users

Closed Feature created by vijaynagarajan 5 years ago

Hi Support,

We have the customer journey plugin installed for our client. They would like to have the ability to deactivate some surveys that are no longer used or showing up when they click 'Send Survey' on the list view.

The only way I can see at the moment is to delete the surveys. Is there a way to deactivate the survey such that it does not show up for users to select ? Also is there a way to assign Surveys to Teams and restrict the visibility of the Surveys ?

Regards, Vijay

  1. vijaynagarajan member avatar


    5 years ago

    Hi Support,

    Just correcting my previous statement - i meant to say Survey Rocket Plugin and not Customer journey plugin.

    Also please let us know what will happen to the Surveys already sent to people and the survey Submissions as part of the Survey if we Delete a Survey .

    Regards, Vijay

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