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Never miss scheduling an appointment or seizing a new business opportunity when you connect Calendly with SugarCRM for real-time calendar syncing. Sync your event invitation into SugarCRM as a meeting and save your invitee as a contact record, plus many more useful features.

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#4656 - Lead Generation

Open Feature created by kylealderman Verified Purchase 5 months ago


I’ve just purchased and set up this integration on our test environment and the integration works without issue.

We want to use Calendly so that prospects book a demonstration and therefore are ‘Leads’ in SugarCRM. Is there a way we can set it so that anyone who books a meeting via Calendly will be added as a lead, rather than a contact?


  1. verityinfotech member avatar

    Verity Infotech Provider

    5 months ago

    Hello Yes, We can create Lead instead of Contact. I will provide the patch for the same. Lets connect on skype for further discussion.

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