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#4203 - "Uninstall" button disappear after upgrade SugarChimp

Closed Bug? created by EpconLP 3 years ago

Hello Team, We had sugar on-demand version SugarCRM Professional, Version 9.0.1 (Build 176) (Spring '19)

We had SugarChimp basic installed version 8.0.0.d on our sugar version. Today morning we have installed SugarChimp latest version 9.1.4.a and it installed successfully. Ref :

Once thing we did observed that after upgrade, We can not see "Uninstall" and "Disable" button in CRM module loader section. Also date istalled remains old one only? SugarChimp_Upgrade.png

Any hot fix for this issue please?

  1. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Happy to help. The date that appears is the first date the integration was installed and won't change with updates.

    I'm looking further into the missing Uninstall/Disable buttons. Are you needing to uninstall or disable it currently?

    Thanks, Heidi

  2. fanaticallabs member avatar

    Fanatical Labs Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Thanks for your patience while I looked closer into this issue.

    To resolve this, you can reach out to Sugar Support and request they delete the package from the upgrade history table. You'll then be able to re-install the package and the Uninstall/Disable buttons should then appear for you.

    Let me know if you have any further trouble!

    Best, Heidi

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