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Quickly see and review the Status of ActiveCampaign marketing emails along with their Lead Scores from your SugarCRM. The SugarActiveCampaign add-on helps users effectively reach contacts via marketing efforts from ActiveCampaign and view them in Account, Leads, Contacts and Target List modules on SugarCRM side. It supports on-premise deployments.

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#4615 - SugarCRM to Activecampaign integration issue

Open Bug? created by edparsloe a year ago

1.While mapping fields many custom fields from Activecampaign is not listing in the mapping fields list. We need all fields from Activecampaign in the mapping list. 2.When record created in CRM it also creates in Activecampaign. works okay. *But there isn't any option of email opt-in and opt-out. e.g. if contact email is opt-out in CRM it should be also opt-out in Activecampaign. which is not happening. 3.When a record is deleted from CRM it also deletes from Activecampaign. works okay. 4.When a record is updated from CRM it is not updating in Activecampaign. not working. 5.When record is created in Activecampaingn it is not syncing with CRM mean its not creating in CRM. not working 6.When a record is updated in Activecampaign it is not updated in CRM. not working. 7.No syncing of tags found. both ways?

*We needed all the above functionalities two way syncing both for the record creating / updating, tags and also need the functionality of email opt-out. *Is your plug-in currently have the functionality? Regards, Ed

  1. edparsloe member avatar


    a year ago

    Any update?

  2. techloyce member avatar

    techloyce Provider

    a year ago

    Hi Ed,

    We currently do not support 2 way synching for the record creation/update or tags. This will be a custom development at our end. Please let us know if you want this from us and ew can share the effort estimates with you.

    Regards, Support Team

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