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Add email tracking capability to your Sugar and gain valuable data about email open rates, times as well as click throughs on links. No longer wonder if an email sent from Sugar was read by the recipient thanks to the handy read/unread icon in the Emails subpanel.

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#4078 - Email tracker not showing if email has been opened

Closed Bug? created by Evolution Marketing 3 years ago

Hi Support

We have been testing Email Tracker and we have run into a few issues. We are using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 8.3.0 (Build 149) (Winter '19) OnDemand.

Install went fine. We tested in a sandbox first and installed without any errors. Added the "Email Tracker" column to the subpanel of accounts, contact, cases. Sent an email from the system to my personal gmail account and opened the email. The eye did not change to green. I tested with other gmail accounts my work email account but I could not get the plugin to show that I had opened the email.

We tested on our production also and it caused issues with RivaCloud. Emails would sync to CRM but the content of the email was blank until we removed the plugin.

We also have email templates and with the plugin installed the fields would not merge into the email at all and it broke all of the links in the template because email tracker was adding it's tracking stuff to the URL. We are also merging URL's from the CRM into these email templates and that might be why it has broken.

Once the plugin was removed the content from the emails returned and we stopped getting errors from Riva and our templates are merging fields correctly.

Are you able to take a look and let me know what you think? Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks Damon

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