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With Sugar 2FA you get an extra layer of protection by adding 2-factor authentication to your SugarCRM. In this case, a potential attacker needs more than just your username and password credentials. Users do not need to remember any additional information; they just need to access the authentication app installed on their mobile phones and enter a temporary 6-digit security token as the second step of the login process.

Due to the high demand we have now added a support for Sugar On-Demand. Even if you are using SSO (single sign on) on your Sugar you will still be able to add 2-factor authentication to your Sugar authentication process.

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#4677 - Unable to setup

Open Installation created by Vincent one month ago

Hi, When trying to enter the license key I get a popup with just 'Error' If I refresh that page, I get this error message: ''Error MLS didn't set users. Please refresh the page and try again.''

Any ideas why please?

  1. Vincent member avatar


    about a month ago

    Hello, any idea how to resolve please? Thank you

  2. Vincent member avatar


    about a month ago

    In case it helps, I'm using a demo key

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