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With Sugar 2FA you get an extra layer of protection by adding 2-factor authentication to your SugarCRM. In this case, a potential attacker needs more than just your username and password credentials. Users do not need to remember any additional information; they just need to access the authentication app installed on their mobile phones and enter a temporary 6-digit security token as the second step of the login process.

Due to the high demand we have now added a support for Sugar On-Demand. Even if you are using SSO (single sign on) on your Sugar you will still be able to add 2-factor authentication to your Sugar authentication process.

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#4659 - Update to new version

Open Installation created by michelabressan 2 weeks ago

Actually, the version 1.0.0 is installed and we have some issues with users not being able to login with 2FA. How can we update to the current 1.0.6 version, hopefully, solving the login issue.

  1. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    2 weeks ago

    You have Upgrade part explained in documentation, if you want to save current configuration check Do Not Remove Tables when you uninstall older version and after that just install new version of module .

    • michelabressan member avatar


      2 weeks ago

      Hi I do not see any part about upgrade, only first time installation.

  2. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    2 weeks ago

    Hi, On SugarOutfitters when you go to download module you have latest version of that module as well as documentation file.

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