by eligeo

Eligeo’s Simple Text (SMS) Messenger for Sugar is the ideal way to deliver text messaging for SugarCRM. We’ve developed a simple tool that integrates within the popular communication service Twilio to make it easy to deliver text messages quickly and easily. Eligeo also offers a number of consulting services to help you develop the perfect communication workflow using SugarCRM.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3981 Simple Text SMS Messenger by eligeo - Jason from SugarOutfitters advised this would work to send SMS through leads module workflows in Sug pgh1977 Closed Installation
#3746 Viewing SMS Replies - Good afternoon! I've successfully installed and sent a text message from SugarCRM. A reply has bee MelodyDelgado Open General Question
#3680 Can't see the License Page in Admin settings - Hello, I installed the latest version of the package, but I can't see the License configuration p ctsafos Closed Installation
#3655 Free Trial - Do you have free trial? We are happy to share the card number and pay after 30 days as in other plug gkaasi Closed Installation

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