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Do you need to send SMS messages from SugarCRM? SendSMS is the right tool for you. It allows sending SMS with ease to any Contact or Lead or even to many recipients at one time from the List View. SendSMS supports Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo SMS Gateways as well as any custom configuration. Communicate better and faster and improve your marketing efforts with SendSMS.

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#4284 - How to Install for Twilio

Open Installation created by gerardovelasco 3 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to use this integration so I can send SMS with Twilio from SugarCRM and I can't finish the authentication process. I already have my Twilio Keys, and I already installed the package, could you help me with the request so that I can test its functionality please?

  1. viznet member avatar

    viznet Provider

    3 years ago

    Hi. Our SendSMS module does not support integration with Twillo. It supports only these SMS Gateways mentioned in documentation (like Plivo, Callfire etc...) For Twillo, we would need to execute a custom project for you. If you are interested in running such a project, please write to us on The idea will be to use our add on, but we will need to extend it with Twillo integration (if that would be possible - to be verified with Twillio API) Regards

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