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#607 - Products can not be search by product Category

Closed General Question created by mryekhande 5 years ago

As we are trying to find the products by category in advanced search view then it can't search products by category.As I find something which is wrong.Please check query...

SELECT ,aos_products_cstm.qty_in_demand_c,aos_products_cstm.quantity_in_stock_c,aos_products_cstm.quantity_unit_c,aos_products_cstm.reorder_level_c,aos_products_cstm.serial_number_c,aos_products_cstm.usage_unit_c,aos_products_cstm.user_id_c, , aos_products.part_number , aos_products.cost , aos_products.currency_id , aos_products.price , jt0.user_name created_by_name , jt0.created_by created_by_name_owner , 'Users' created_by_name_mod, aos_products.date_entered , aos_products.assigned_user_id FROM aos_products LEFT JOIN aos_products_cstm ON = aos_products_cstm.id_c LEFT JOIN users jt0 ON aos_products.created_by AND jt0.deleted=0 AND jt0.deleted=0

where ((p.aos_product_category_name like 'Houseware%')) AND aos_products.deleted=0 ORDER BY ASC

Check "where" condition which is wrong. I think "aos_products.aos_product_category_id='56a2797d-d587-7ce6-f270-524d498f6c00'". What you think?

Thanks & Regards,

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    This has nothing to do with SecuritySuite. For AOS support you should reach out to the developers of AOS.

    Sorry! I just don't know their software.


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