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#534 - My accounts not showing after uninstalling SecuritySuite - SugarCRM Teams

Closed Installation created by amits Verified Purchase 6 years ago

I uninstalled SecuritySuite - SugarCRM Teams and now few users they are not able to view accounts or meetings etc. But from Admin ID I can see that.

Please advise.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    It sounds like the uninstaller in SugarCRM may not have replaced some core files correctly. Here is what I would recommend to ensure that the core files are restored:

    1. Back up your SugarCRM folder
    2. Find a copy of SugarCRM CE that matches the version that you are on. (If you can't find it on SugarForge then it will be here: )
    3. Find the zip file for SecuritySuite that you installed
    4. Unzip SecuritySuite and look in the /install_dir/notupgradesafe folder
    5. For every file in that folder copy the corresponding file from the clean CE version you downloaded in step #1 into your SugarCRM instance

    The uninstaller in SugarCRM can fail for a number of reasons including either file permissions or a bug in some older versions of SugarCRM or a logic issue that can't handle restoring files when lots of modules have been installed. At the very least, there is a way to back out manually.

    Sorry for any frustrations. I completely understand the feeling.


  2. amits member avatar

    amits Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your response. I wanted to check if my requirement can be fulfilled using SecuritySuite - SugarCRM.
    A has B & C reporting to him
    B has D & E and C has F & G under them respectively.
    B should be able to view his along with D & E only and no other accounts related to or C and his team.
    Similarly C should be able to view his team's accounts only.
    Now Team member cannot view each other accounts. Eg. Though D & E are in B's Group, I want to restrict D & E to see any other accounts other than theirs.

    Please advise. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • eggsurplus member avatar

      eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

      6 years ago

      Hello Amit,

      I believe we talked through how to this via email. But just in case:

      Apply an "Owner" only role to D, E, F, G.
      Apply a "Group" only role to B and C.
      Create a "Team 1" with B, D, & E and "Team 2" with C, F, & G.
      Assign "Team 1" to all appropriate records in Sugar so that B can view them. D & E will only be able to view their own.

      I also like assigning main role (Owner in this case) directly to the team/group to make it easier to manage.


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