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#420 - Upgade Process for Security Groups

Closed General Question created by salesteam at SierraCRM Verified Purchase 6 years ago

Hello SugarOutfitters,
We have a customer that we are assisting in upgrading from SugarCRM CE 6.1.0 to 6.5.16. They are a customer of yours with Security Groups.
After completing the upgrade for SugarCRM CE to 6.5.16, we are needing to install the correct version of Security Groups for 6.5.16. Our question is the process on how to do this:
1 - Do we download the latest version of Security Groups for 6.5.16 and install via Module Loader or Upgrade Wizard?
2 - Is the download considered a loadable module or an upgrade package?

Bill Convis
SierraCRM, Inc.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello Bill,

    1. Use the Module Loader
    2. It is a loadable module

    It's best NOT to uninstall the previous version first as there are some SugarCRM CE versions that do a really poor job of swapping back the original files previous to the installation. In those cases it can cripple the install and requires manually copying the original files from a blank SugarCRM install for that old version.

    Hope that helps!

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