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#34 - Options for when parent record changes

Open Feature created by semyl 9 years ago

Inherit from Assigned To User adds security groups to a record each time the record is reassigned to a user with additional security groups, and I was hoping that Inherit from Parent Record might do a similar thing to child records each time the security group(s) of the parent record are updated - even if security groups are not removed but are just added.

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  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    9 years ago


    You asked about a timetable on the options doc thread. I have not had a chance to see where this would fit in. So I would not look for this to show up for at least the next 3 months to be safe.

    • AmanaTrust member avatar

      AT Verified Purchase

      9 years ago

      Thanks eggsurplus, that's helpful to know.

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