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#3346 - Group Select not shown when user is in multiple groups but only one group is inheritable

Closed Feature created by mminnie 2 years ago

The group select popup is a nice feature, however the select "popup" is NOT shown unless the user is in more than one SecuritySuite group and more than one security group is set to inherit.

The code that is checking the memberships is SecurityGroup::getMembershipCount. The SQL statement in this function specifically looking for a null or <> 1 value for noninheritable.

This does not fit my use case, and I am not sure which use case this would be desired.

My Use Case

Mrs. Smith is a Customer Service Representative (CSR) for company XYZ. She is also the head of the department. Mr. Jones is also a CSR.
Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jones are in the group named "CSR" that is inheritable. Mrs. Smith is in a second group named "CSR Manager" that is NOT inheritable.

The "CSR Manager" group is not inheritable because the group is set up with the idea in mind that Mrs. Smith can make account notes that only the head of the department should see.

Mrs. Smith and Mr. Jones work on the same accounts, contacts, etc. When creating records, notes, appointments, etc, the Security Group should normally get the "CSR" group assigned. When Mrs. Smith wants to make a note that only she can see, she would want to only assign the "CSR Manager" group to the note record.

In the not inheritable example here, it is assumed the manager would not normally create records in the normal user's group. What if the example changes only slightly where the manager might want to occasionally create records for the people in the non-manager group?

I know I can alter the SQL to fit my use case, however I am wondering if there could be an option or feature added to handle both?

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    This makes sense. I'll get this added for a future release by removing that explicit noninheritable check. Feel free to alter the SQL for now.


  2. mminnie member avatar


    2 years ago

    While you're on this topic, it would also be nice to have the pop-up only select either the user's primary group or all the groups that inherit. Groups that do not inherit aren't automatically added to the record. If the pop-up shows up it makes sense to me that these non inherit groups are not selected by default.

  3. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Just added this to the latest 3.1.3 which is now available to download. The select will default to the groups that are set to be inheritable.

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