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#327 - Get all members of a team/security group

Closed General Question created by robcollyer Verified Purchase 9 years ago

Hi I want to do something like this where i get all the members of a security group that is associated with an opportunity. is this possible with security suite?

maybe using something like the get_team_members function. Look at the example below:

// include Team class include_once('modules/Teams/Team.php');

$team = new Team(); $team->retrieve('<ID OF THE TEAM>'); $team_members = $team->get_team_members(true);

// Loop through the list foreach($team_members as $user) { // your code here .... }

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    9 years ago

    Hey Rob,

    To get the members of a group:


    $group = new SecurityGroup(); $group->retrieve('IDHERE'); $members = $group->getMembers(); //returns an array of arrays foreach($members as $user) { //do your stuff here }

    To get the groups associated to an opportunity: $rel_name = 'SecurityGroups'; //use the link name...can find in cache/modules/{MODULE}/{MODULE}vardefs.php $opportunity->load_relationship($rel_name); $group_ids = $opportunity->$rel_name->get(); if(count($group_ids)>0) { foreach($group_ids as $id) { $group->retrieve($id); } }

  2. douglas.mcloughlan member avatar

    robcollyer Verified Purchase

    9 years ago

    cheers dude, just what i wanted.

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