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#307 - Behaviour of "Strict Rights"

Closed Bug? created by Carrenet 9 years ago

Hello, In version 268 (for Sugar 6.5.16), does the option "Strict Rights" works as expected ? I am not sure to understand exactly what this option is for. Do you have a example to explain the behaviour of this feature ?

Thank you

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    9 years ago

    Lets say you have a user assigned to 2 different groups.

    • Group 1 is associated to a role that gives Owner rights to everything
    • Group 2 is associated to a role that gives Group rights to everything

    Normally, the user would just inherit the greatest of both rights (Additive Rights). So when a user views a record associated to just Group 1 the user would have Group rights instead of Owner rights to the record. That means that the user can edit the record even if not the owner.

    This is where Strict Rights come into play. With that enabled, the user would have the rights associated to the group associated to the record applied. So if that user (who is assigned to Group 1 and 2) views a record associated only to Group 1 then that user would get Owner access only to the record instead of Group access.

    Hope that helps! -Jason

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