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#3054 - Duplicate in securitygroups_records Tables

Closed Bug? created by Mohammad Alshuaibi Verified Purchase 5 years ago

Dears we found that securitygroups_records has alot of duplicate records with same** (securitygroup_id,record_id,module),** after we check we see that function addGroupToRecord in file (modules/SecurityGroups/SecurityGroup.php) contain

** ($query = "insert into securitygroups_records(id,securitygroup_id,record_id,module,date_modified,deleted) " ."values( '".create_guid()."','".$securitygroup_id."','$record_id','$module',".db_convert('','today').",0) ";) ** which is not check if the record already existor not , so pleas can you check ?

  1. madnan member avatar

    Mohammad Alshuaibi Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    am using logic hook with $sg->addGroupToRecord

  2. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Yes, that is an unused, internal function. If you are using it, which is fine, you will need to check to see if an existing record exists prior.

    This function was for pre-6.3.0 in the Mass Assign functionality and was used at that time in this manner:

                    $query = "SELECT * FROM securitygroups_records WHERE securitygroup_id='$groupFocus->id' AND record_id='$id' AND module='$sugarbean->module_dir' AND deleted=0";
                    $db = DBManagerFactory::getInstance();
                    $result = $db->query($query);
                    $row = $db->fetchByAssoc($result);
                    if (empty($row))
                        SecurityGroup::addGroupToRecord($sugarbean->module_dir, $id, $groupFocus->id);

    Hope this helps!

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