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#2988 - Custom module SG sub panel is not showing

Closed Bug? created by ashrafvtk 5 years ago


We have enabled SG license on our SuiteCRM 7.8 instance. But SG sub panel is not visible in any of the custom modules. 

We tried to hookup custom modules from Admin->Hookup Modules. But unfortunately Custom modules are not showing in that. But we can see many to many relationship with SG in every modules relationships. Kindly help us to resolve this issue

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago


    Try running a Repair Roles under Admin->Repair and the in the role grid make sure that Security Groups is enabled and List is set to something other than None. Preferably All. If that doesn't work then I may need to learn more about how the custom modules were created. Do they use the view framework? Or are they the old .html/tpl combo?


  2. ashrafvtk member avatar


    5 years ago

    Hi Eggsurplus,

    We already tried Repair & rebuild, Rebuild relationship and Repair roles. Still the SG subpanel is not showing under the custom modules.

    Its showing SecurityGroups - Full Edition 2.9.4a. Is it any known bug for this version? We have created custom modules from SuiteCRM studio itself, after SG full version installed. So the SG relationship got created, when deploying the module itself. Also we tried coding based on SG Documen, under custom/metadat. But no success yet. We tried securitygroups_sar_price_master as well as sar_price_master_securitygroups

    <?php $dictionary["securitygroups_sar_price_master"] = array ( 'true_relationship_type' => 'one-to-many', 'relationships' => array ( 'securitygroups_sar_price_master' => array ( 'lhs_module' => 'SecurityGroups', 'lhs_table' => 'securitygroups', 'lhs_key' => 'id', 'rhs_module' => 'SAR_Price_Master', 'rhs_table' => 'sar_price_master', 'rhs_key' => 'id', 'join_table' => 'securitygroups_records', 'join_key_lhs' => 'securitygroup_id', 'join_key_rhs' => 'record_id', 'relationship_type' => 'many-to-many', 'relationship_role_column' => 'module', 'relationship_role_column_value' => 'SAR_Price_Master', ), ), ); ?>
    • eggsurplus member avatar

      eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      There are known issues with SuiteCRM itself that caused an issue like this. If you on SuiteCRM 7.8 then 2.9.4a is not the right version. Every time you upgrade SuiteCRM be sure to upgrade SecuritySuite as well for the matching SuiteCRM version. That always needs to be done as there are core file changes.

      For this issue, SuiteCRM's Module Builder now creates new modules incorrectly. It automatically created a relationship with Security Groups, but did so in a way that does not work. This is fixed for the future 2.9.5 release, but it will only apply to future modules built in Module Builder. To fix existing modules deployed by Module Builder:

      • Edit the vardefs.php for that module
      • Remove 'security_groups' from the VardefManager::createVardef call
      • Run Quick Repair & Rebuild a couple of times
      • Go to Admin->Hookup Module
      • Choose your module and click OK
      • Run Quick Repair & Rebuild for good measure

      It should now show the subpanel correctly.

    • ashrafvtk member avatar


      5 years ago

      Thank you so much Eggsurplus!

      We have done it!!! All fine now.

  3. ashrafvtk member avatar


    5 years ago

    Let us know expected release date of SG 2.9.5

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