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#2913 - Change field Assigned user automatically with some rules

Closed General Question created by sviswanath Verified Purchase 5 years ago

Hi Support,

We are trying to create a workflow where "Assigned To" field needs to be changed based on the Modified Task owner of specific subject. Few rules apply though. - Only applies when 'Assigned To' is "Admin" - When a Task with Subject "Follow-up" is closed. - 'Assigned To' filed to be changed to Person closing the Task i.e. Task 'Modified by' - Should Change 'Assigned To' only for the first time.

Eg. A lead signs up on website. New Lead created is created in CRM alongwith Task with Subject 'Follow-up' and 'Assigned To' field is 'Admin'.
Lead is autodialed through the another system and Agent 'X' attends the call. After the call, Agent 'X' closed the Task.

We would like to 'Leads's 'Assigned To' field to be changed to 'X'

Could you help us in creating a workflow for this?

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hello! Process Manager would be perfect for this. The team behind it may need to hop on a call with you to work out some of the requests such as changing the Assigned To only the first time, but it all sounds doable. Their product can be found at

    Good luck!

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