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#2396 - LogicHook after assign

Closed General Question created by steel971 3 years ago

Hello jason,
I have a new question for you (and this time i not manage yet to found a "hacky" solution).

Our project :
- We have team close to the example (docs/securitysuite/example-of-a-typical-setup)
- We have custom Case that are link with some Compensations
- We have a Case custom EditView, that allow adding Compensations on a Case and, if you're a manager you can change the SecurityGroup associated with the Case.

I want the compensation have the same SecurityGroup and assigned_user than the Case.
So how to handler the updates ?
- In my custom view is quite easy : if i detect a change on a value, i just have to change the linked compensations
- But my problem is about the Mass Assign on the ListView... Is it something like an "after_save" logic hook for Security Group update???

If not, how would you handle this case ?

Best regards,

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Yes, you would want the after_relationship_add and after_relationship_delete logic hooks. Then you can detect when there is a change and do the same for Compensations. More info here:

    Hope this helps!

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