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#1567 - Global Search in QuickCRM

In Progress Bug? created by AT Verified Purchase 4 years ago

We are using QuickCRM with Security Suite to manage permissions. The permissions are working correctly for access, delete, view, list, create.

When contacts are searched, only those within the security group are returned. However there seems to be a bug with global search from the home page:

When you type in the box on the home page, the autocomplete lists contacts from the entire database with no permission restrictions. QuickCRM gave us the following response:

[Support] "We use web service named search_by_module. Maybe Security Suite didn’t implement that?
We would consider that as a bug in Security Suite."

Can you help?

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    It looks like Sugar isn't using the core SugarBean framework inside of search_by_module which would explain the issue. Is there any reason that get_entry_list can't be used instead? My guess is that you're trying to reduce server calls.

    The way to add support to that search_by_module is to mimic how it is done in SugarBean::create_new_list_query supports SecuritySuite. I can definitely add support, but it may not be available right away so if you can't wait that is how it is done. Look for "SECURITY GROUPS" in that function and ignore the first IF that is for support of the Users module.

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