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#2639 - Mass sharing reset all other shares.

Closed General Question created by Sohaib Majeed 5 years ago

I selected all reports and added a user from mass sharing. User is added but, all other user gone deleted from sharing tab of each report. :( everytime i update from mass share each, this reset all shares or report and assign reports to only one user. :(

  1. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello Sair,

    Mass Sharing is meant to be able to change same permission set-up for all selected reports and users. You can use mass sharing if you want to remove permissions from certain users as well. This means that if you change selected permissions with mass sharing, this will override all previous permissions to the users to selected users.

    Also please report issues of Basic Version under Basic version Support, otherwise this creates confusion for the team - as it is hard to understand and figure-out then. And might happen that we close issue as we simply have no such issues on a PRO version.

    Thank you! Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

  2. sairasarwar member avatar

    Sohaib Majeed

    5 years ago

    Hi Sir,

    Yes , but mass sharing overrides previously shared records. I think this should add new sharing and does not override previous sharing. Let us suppose we have created number of reports and also assigned to multiple users. Now i create new user, i want to assign all reports to this user. if i select mass assign this will delete previous sharings of all reports. If i had to share manually in each report then mass sharing has no sense.

    I am really sorry for posting this here. I forgot about it. i am using basic version. i will add bug in basic version next time.


  3. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello Sair,

    Thank you for the feedback! This is good idea for the further upgrades, we will add it the wishlist, but can not promise anything yet.

    One thing we would recommend - you can use mass permissions for sharing reports with certain roles. If you share reports for certain role, all you need to do is to add new user to this role, you will not even need to use mass sharing - new user will already have access along with his role.

    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

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