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#2565 - Users primary email

Closed General Question created by Sohaib Majeed 5 years ago

I am unable to add users primary email address in report.

  1. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    5 years ago

    Thank you for your feedback. This is working OK on a PRO version, but on the Basic version fix will come with the next release by Monday (also including PDF number format fix), we will contact you as soon as ready/

    Best Regards, Eva

    • sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

      5 years ago

      Hello Sair,

      Sorry, actually the latest version is already available also for the basic version as well, here please see visualized sample -instruction how to add e-mails via report builder (can open from 'Reporting Tool Settings'):



      Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

  2. sairasarwar member avatar

    Sohaib Majeed

    5 years ago

    thank you , i got that

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