Sapiens.BI helps you produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a SugarCRM BI plug-in with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, and a quick and easy setup. This Reporting Tool is easy to use, there is no need for technical knowledge or SQL. The Sapiens.BI tool comes with over 100 pre-built reports.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4738 Does this app work well on suitcrm 7.10? - Regards mauriciofajardo Open General Question
#4736 Need help installing - Step 1. Log in to your SugarCRM system as Administrator and go to Admin->Module Loader and br rogerl Open Installation
#4683 463430 Report chart not displayed in dashboard - Report charts are not displayed on dashboard. but visible in sapiens module. Bry-An Open Bug?
#4632 Installation Issue - I have the following errors when installing the BI Sapiens PRO free trial on my Sugar CRM 6.1.0 CE, cholly Open Installation
#4582 User count - Hi there, i am in the trial of this report tool. right now, we have 77 users in our SugarCRM. but w nyfa Open General Question
#4393 Using Quotas in reports - Hi there In SugarCRM, under forecasts, we can assign a sales quota per user per month. I can' rayb Closed General Question
#4296 Key does not exist - We have started getting "Key does not exist" in our SugarCRM system. We have verified key Doug Mosher Closed Bug?
#4199 User issue - Hello, I am doing a trial of this software and just installed it but it seems to not work. We have 2 AEUTasmania Closed General Question
#4180 Customer Journey reporting - Hiya, I am working your product in Sugar on-demand v9 Enterprise & I am having an issue with NMuscolino Closed Bug?
#4067 report not send - Hi i have a proble repport not send . Can you help me plz ? Thank you King Regards, Crysy cplouviez Closed Bug?
#4027 Scheduler Entry - Hi, I had to rebuild our scheduler jobs and only the SugarCRM default schedules survive. Can yo steved Closed General Question
#3936 License key does not exist - Hi Support, We have installed this plugin trial version. After installation, we we try to validat mroinfo Closed Installation
#3925 Query regarding Analytic Reporting Tool PRO - Hi Support, We tried to edit report and under "Fields" section there is option "Ad adrian1 Closed General Question
#3889 Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF) Attack Detected - Hi Support, I was trying to install your report package through module load and I got the followi pbhorjee Closed Bug?
#3761 unable to enter license for testing - We got 10 users license for testing in our test system, where there are 80 users, however we can mac Closed Installation
#3717 Email Not Sending Since Upgrade to 2.1.82 - Hi, I upgraded Analytic Reporting PRO over the weekend and since that time the emailed scheduled steved Closed Bug?
#3474 Reporting on custom table - Hello, We're having some problems with creating a one-to-many relationship between Leads and jody Closed Bug?
#3374 Inaccurate Report Results - Hi, I'm seeing discrepancies between SuiteCRM's native Lead reporting and the results I jody Closed Bug?
#3371 Unable to validate license - hi Team i am unable to validate installation license and receiving following message : SugarOutfitte pratapkunal Closed Installation
#3327 Unable to Export as PDF from XLS - Hi, I'm trying to export as PDF from XLS so that I can include the header and footer (logos) fr jody Closed Bug?
#3323 Not able to validate the key - The issue reported last time on undefined error is now resolved. But when i try to validate my key, shaveekapoor Closed Bug?
#3318 getting error - Notice: Undefined variable: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZe4 in /var/www//modules/AnalyticReporting/controllers/libs. shaveekapoor Closed Bug?
#3265 can't download the Analytic Reporting Tool PRO as the plan is PAY AS YOU GO - Hi All, I register for the trial version of Analytic Reporting Tool PRO but cannot download it. I joewcc Closed Installation
#3111 List View Account Hierarchy? - Hi, Can we use this tool to create a an account hierarchy list view report with drill down? If Technology Advisors Closed General Question
#2854 Report by mail sends incomplete URL - I got the following URL from AnalyticReporting Mail. I think the domain name should be configured so tiagozwick Closed Bug?
#2852 Licensing - Is licensing based on total number of system, or in users that actually use the reports? rogeliogomez Closed General Question
#2783 Release Notes - Hi all Quick question; can you please share a release notes so it is easier for me to understand tiagozwick Closed General Question
#2727 License Validation not working - We've installed your reporting tool on our sugarcrm instance. We tried to validate the license Ankit Closed Installation
#2710 Invalid Package error - Invalid Package error whosemail Closed Installation
#2665 PDF file export - Fonts not downloading - Hi, I am trying to get the plugin working on behalf of a client and I am receiving the following: kalexander Closed General Question
#2651 Downloaded Free Trial - Licence Key is not recognised - Hi There :) I have just emailed to request a demo and downloaded the free trial We currently h taufiqueahmed Closed General Question
#2639 Mass sharing reset all other shares. - I selected all reports and added a user from mass sharing. User is added but, all other user gone de Sohaib Majeed Closed General Question
#2615 Rights Issue. - One security Alarming issue regarding reports. i have created report and added users module in it. Sohaib Majeed Closed Bug?
#2613 'Print Report' and 'Export to PDF' show different reports. - 'Print Report' is showing the correct report, export to PDF not; ![Export to PDF.JPG]( tiagozwick Closed Bug?
#2612 Report Sharing not working!!! - Hi all, I have created and tried to share a report with a colleague. I am System Administrator, h tiagozwick Closed Bug?
#2610 "Grand Total" disappears after saving report - Please see Screenshots; ![Report_configured_w_GrandTotal.JPG]( tiagozwick Closed Bug?
#2609 Custom SQL - Link 'Edit SQL' does not work on Chrome - Custom SQL - Link 'Edit SQL' does not work on Chrome tiagozwick Closed General Question
#2583 Calculated Field - Hi there. Could you please let me know when the release with the possibility to enter my own calcula tiagozwick Closed General Question
#2569 Report Creation - Hi , I want to ask a question about report creation of following scenario. I have 3 modules, Sohaib Majeed Closed General Question
#2565 Users primary email - I am unable to add users primary email address in report. Sohaib Majeed Closed General Question
#2543 Reports are not showing on public IP - I have installed reports on local IP, Now CRM is also accessible on Public IP. but when i access fro Sohaib Majeed Closed General Question
#2542 There is no option to limit records in graph. - In graphs there is no option to limitize. There should be limit to overcome massive graphs Sohaib Majeed Closed General Question
#2527 Snapshot reporting - Hi, Does your AR tool support snapshot /historical reporting? Eg leads converted in January, cas ldolphin Closed General Question
#2516 Analytics Reporting Tool Trial | Can't Install - I just downloaded the trial for Analytics Reporting Tool. When I try to install the package, I get vanessahoffman Closed Installation
#2449 Combined chart: 1 single vertical axis scale & fixed values - Hi there My objective is to create chart: revenue vs target revenue by fiscal quarter 1. Usin tiagozwick Closed General Question
#2431 3 report generation questions - Hi all, I have 3 quick questions; I hope you can help me. - Is it possible to have more than 1 tiagozwick Closed General Question
#2371 Trying to do a call report but have some issues - Our sales reps make calls to accounts and contacts. I will like to do a report that shows the calls yamilhernandez Closed General Question
#2370 Calculated Field - It was not possible to download the documentation, I hope you can clarify this question. * Under ca tiagozwick Closed General Question
#2363 Licensing Question - Does the per user licensing apply to users having access to using this module, or just the total num toddvanbelkum Closed General Question
  • "We have been using it for about a month and it is by far the best available reporting tool for SugarCRM. It is worth spending the time to learn how to use it. "

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