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#3946 - Displaying Report under my reports

Closed Bug? created by shaveekapoor 4 years ago

Can i display the report under my dashboard Reports? I can copy chart on the homepgae but how can i copy the report on my dashboard ? I can do that with my other reports module

  1. shaveekapoor member avatar


    4 years ago

    waiting for response on this one. Can you confirm . How can i add these under my dashboard reports.Also, I dont see the inbuilt reports that comes with this add on.

  2. sapiens-bi-primary-contact member avatar

    4 years ago


    Thank you for contacting us!
    Basic version gives ability to only add Chart, not report to dashboards. PRO version is about ot release Dashboard solution, which allows to add report tables to dahsboard as well.

    In relation to pre-built reports - can you please AdvancedReports table in your DB, - does it have any records (all report definitions should be in there).

    Please let us know,

    Thank you! Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

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