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#3368 - Data Export issue in xls and pdf

Closed Bug? created by Sohaib Majeed 5 years ago

Dear IT Sapians Great Team,

Hope you will be doing well. I am facing an issue in exporting data. As now my database have many records. On of my table has around 50K records. When i export all data with your plugin, It gives error This page isn’t working

Can you please help me, what should i do to fix this out?

![Screenshot_14.jpg]( "Screenshot_14.jpg")

Thanks in advance

  1. sairasarwar member avatar

    Sohaib Majeed

    5 years ago

    Dear Team, Any update on above issue?

  2. sapiens-bi-primary-contact member avatar

    5 years ago

    Hello Sohaib,

    It is recommended not to Export such a large reports to Excel and try to limit output with filters.

    However, if you still really need it, here is what you can try: Usually when a larger report fails to output the Excel it has to do with the lack of memory that is allocated to php / Sugar. To increase the memory amount open in your Sugar instance root directory. You should look for a line ini_set('memory_limit', followed by the memory limit setting.

    Simply change the line to ini_set('memory_limit','1G'); and try to generate the Excel file again.

    Best Regards, IT Sapiens Team

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