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#2152 - Won't Install on SuiteCRM 7.6.1

Closed Bug? created by jeffc 6 years ago

Is this compatible with the latest SuiteCRM?

I get 17% into install and then log shows:

Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/5YLHAo/custom/widget.php to widget.php

I have made sure permissions are set correct:

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

  1. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    6 years ago

    Hello Jeff,

    Do you have enough of max allowed upload size?

    At least 80MB should be allowed in WEB server and SuiteCRM to upload module. Would be good to increase the limit beyond 80MB permanently

    (And also - just in case, you should increase both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini configuration, because max allowedupload size = MIN(upload_max_filesize,post_max_size). Web server has to be restarted after changing these settings.

    PHP INI memory_limit = 256M (at least)

    SuiteCRM has a configuration in config.php called upload_maxsize. Add a couple of zeros to that and the package will upload. We tried it with the value of 3000000000 and it worked.

    To check if you edited real php.ini file (on server can be many), after editing php.ini file and restarted WEB server (!), you can create simple PHP file with contents:

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
  2. sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

    6 years ago

    Please also try chmod -R 777 cache and chmod -R 777 custom

    • jeffc member avatar


      6 years ago

      Your suggestions regarding upload size I think only pertain to upload of the .zip file and that is not the problem because all our settings are for 150M, and PHP INI memory_limit is 500M.

      chmod -R 777 for cache and custom do not fix it either

      Maybe should contact me for admin credentials to see for yourself?

    • sapiens-bi member avatar Provider

      6 years ago

      Yes, thank you for proposal! I have sent you an e-mail.

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