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#3849 - Xero - SugarCRM Setup

Closed Installation created by Symphony 4 years ago

What is the recommended process on installation when Account information in SugarCRM already exists in Xero. The names of each Account and Customer are identical. Obviously we don't want to create duplicates in either system.

  1. Darren_Flood member avatar

    Evolution Marketing Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Once Xero SugarCRM Link is installed and the configuration is completed an initial sync is performed, This will link Xero contacts with SugarCRM accounts and contacts only (Identically named records will be linked . No new Xero contacts will be created in SugarCRM and no new accounts or contacts will be crated in Xero. After initial sync is completed you will be able to manually link SugarCRM accounts with Xero Contacts. You will also manually be able to crate new Xero Contacts from SugarCRM Accounts.

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