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#3734 - [Final Notice] Upgrade to TLS 1.1 or Higher before June 15

Open Bug? created by mcain820 4 years ago

An employee received the email below from Box but the Administrators on the account did not. We are not sure if we need to upgrade our entire box account or if this is for the individual only. Also, will this have any effect on the integration with our Sugar CRM?

We are emailing you because you are listed as an owner or a collaborator of an application that called the Box API in the past 90 days.

As previously communicated, Box will remove support for TLS 1.0 on June 15, 2018. To keep your API communications secure, developers using the Box API are required to upgrade their applications to support TLS 1.1 or higher before this date.

To avoid any potential service disruptions: • Step 1: Test to see if your application(s) is correctly configured by following this guide available on our developer site. • Step 2: If the test fails, upgrade your application to support TLS 1.1 or higher following this guide.

If you have any questions about these changes, please file a support ticket.

Thank you,

Monica Cain

  1. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hi Monica,

    We would love to help you with the issue but I can not find any subscription for RT SugarBox for a user with your username.

    Are you sure you are using RT SugarBox? If so then kindly provide the username of the user that has started the subscription so that I can verify you are using our product.

    Regards, Rolustech Support

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