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#4655 - Compatibility for Sugar v12

Open Installation created by OLGA MARTOS LOZANO one month ago


Please, could you tell me if it is compatible for last Sugar version (v12)? We have a customer very insterested because they'd like a board for Calls. Please, let me know if there is compatibilitity.

Thanks Beatriz Reviejo Project Lead at redk Spain (Sugar Partner in Spain)

  1. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    one month ago

    Hi There,

    Thanks for showing interest in our plugin.

    The latest package on SugarOutfitters is compatible with v11.3.

    We are currently updating the package, and it will be compatible with SugarCRM v12 in the next 24hrs.

    We will confirm you over email once we're done with the process, and you can try the installation then.

    Would be happy to help you with any configuration as well.

    Regards, Team Rolustech.

  2. fhanoun member avatar


    one month ago

    Hi Team,

    Please let me know when it's available for V12, because we'd need to order a demo license key. Thank you very much


    Beatriz Reviejo Project Lead at readk Spain Partner SugarCRM in Spain

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