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Dynamic Target Lists for SugarCRM enables users to AUTO populate Target Lists based on one or more pre-defined conditions. This module keeps your Target Lists up to date and relevant.

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#3993 - License when upgrading to the SugarCRM v8 plugin

Open Installation created by JackW 10 months ago


Our customer is in the process of upgrading to SugarCRM version 8.x. i wondered what the implications of there license for the Dynamic target plugin may be.

Do they need to do anything in terms of upgrading the license when they are on SugarCRM v8?

I can see that you only offer one type of pricing tier so there shouldn't be a need to change anything here, right?

Look forward to your feedback.

Many thanks,


  1. fibrecrm member avatar

    FibreCRM Provider Affiliate

    10 months ago

    Hi Jack, you will not need to change any licensing. do make sure you check the purchases for the latest version of the plugin though.

  2. JackW member avatar


    10 months ago

    Thank you. Can I ask what you mean by "check the purchases for the latest version of the plugin".

    Where is this?

    • fibrecrm member avatar

      FibreCRM Provider Affiliate

      10 months ago

      Hi, in your purchases on sugar outfitters, find the quick 2 list plugin. from here you will see the latest upload. make sure you have this as the version you have installed may not be compatible with 8.x

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