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Dynamic Target Lists for SugarCRM enables users to AUTO populate Target Lists based on one or more pre-defined conditions. This module keeps your Target Lists up to date and relevant.

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#4271 Will this work with 9.2.0 OD? - Hi, your product description and admin documentation suggest that this is only compatible up to 8.2. Sugabyte Closed General Question
#4232 Will this work with Sugar 9.1.0 OD? - I have a customer looking at using this in conjunction with SugarChimp. Thanks! Sugabyte Open General Question
#4129 Issue: off_quick2list_schedule db get too large. - Hi. off_quick2list_schedule gets too large. Do you know when will this database get purge? leonell Open Bug?
#4099 SugarCRM 9 - We are upgrading to SugarCRM 9 . .. will this plugin still work? BradLohoar Closed General Question
#3993 License when upgrading to the SugarCRM v8 plugin - Hello, Our customer is in the process of upgrading to SugarCRM version 8.x. i wondered what the JackW Open Installation
#3843 Query from report: data i hard coded. - Ask the module. I create dynamic "Target List" from existing report. The report contains nilsottosson Open General Question
#3770 table Size - How long does it take to run....?? off_quick2list_schedule ~135,158,768 156.3 GiB Quick2 BradLohoar Open General Question
#3735 Q2L Nothing is happening - info SugarCRm ver 7.9.3 Q2L version v37.1 (trail verson.) Q1: Is ther any direferns betwee t nilsottosson Closed Installation
#3733 SugarCRM 8 - The files do not have the Sugar8 version BradLohoar Closed Bug?
#3723 Sugar 8.0 Support - 8.0 is listed as a supported version of Sugar, yet none of the downloads are in fact compatible with bfoley Closed Installation
#3519 Problems with Query - Hi We configure the next query to add accounts to a list Select distinct account_id from cases andresdiaz Open Bug?
#3497 Q2L freezes - I've got Q2L installed, and it shows up in the Target List. When I go to create a new query by cl crmdc Open Bug?
#3496 validation says success - but new moduls not visible permently - Sugar CRM CE 6.5.24, I installed the modul, 100% ok uhu Closed Bug?
#3358 unable to edit queries - Hi there, Trying to make some adjustments on my queries and found that I can't edit them. Just t iain1 Closed Bug?
#3245 Change Payment Method for Purchase - Hi, I selected Paypal for the initial trial, but want to change my payment method to be a credit ca brentlacey Closed General Question
#3244 Target List not completely updated - Hello, we are currently evaluating Quick2List. We have a report, delivering about 54.000 contacts. thdillinger Closed Bug?
#3034 Remove query seems to temporarily add contacts and leads to target list - Hi there, I've just added a remove query to remove contacts and leads from a target list. This w iain1 Closed Bug?
#2983 Quick2List Issue - Hello, we have recently installed a trial of Quick2List but are struggling to get this working. danielhabba Closed General Question
#2956 SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 316) - Invalid Package - We're currently running a local SugarCRM build running on MSSQL, when we try to upload the install p danielhabba Closed Installation
#2800 Custom Module Support - Does Quick2List support custom SugarCRM modules? ModLabs Closed General Question
#2792 Issues Running Query - I am trying to pull all contacts with a custom field entered that has a drop down using the followin CRM Ninjas Closed Bug?
#2749 Issue linking an existing Dynamic Target list to a Sugar Target list and processing time - I have identified two issues with the utility in our environment. I am hoping you can facilitate a msoto Closed Bug?
#2739 Queries no longer listed on Target Lists - Hi, I recently upgraded to SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 316) and: a) the querie iain1 Closed Bug?
#2586 Query returns results, all schedulers are running but target list no. of entries stays at 0 - Hi, I have a query - select crm_live.contacts.*, crm_live.contacts_cstm. * , crm_live.email_addre garethsomerford Closed Bug?
#2514 Add anyone from a particular location to a list - Hi What would the code look like if we wanted to add say anyone who was from "Malaysia" yaran Closed Feature
#2511 SugarCRM - Fails in CRON run - As I did not get any response to my email on this, I'm forced to create an account and this case her mikamajala Closed Bug?
#2445 License expiration issues - My license key continues to expire. I am only made aware when the list doesn't update. When I try to msoto Closed Bug?
#2333 Calls Being Created With User Already Assigned - One of our callers (Tracey) came to us when a call assigned to another user (Theresa) appeared on he cwink Closed General Question
#2293 "After Save" hook not being hit by Quick2List module? - Hi, There seems to be a bug in the module as it would appear that when using your module to add t brentlacey Closed General Question
#2289 Cancel - I did not mean to " free trial this product". I'm concerned that put in my credit card an pwn Closed General Question
#2237 After Installing Quick2List Module - Can no longer add records from a report. - After installing your module: Quick2List The option to add a selection of records based on a repo brentlacey Closed Bug?
#2236 Quick2List Not populating accounts on target list? - Hi, On setting up a report query to populate accounts to a target list. The query will report brentlacey Closed General Question
#2050 Undefined variable: user_id - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: user_id in C:\wamp64\www\suitecrm.local\modules\off_Dyanmic_Target_ etienneroy11 Closed Bug?
#2046 The version was not supported by MSSQL ? - Can you confirm me Thank you etienneroy11 Closed Bug?
#2045 License key - requires validation message continues to appear even after key has been vlaidated - I am a new customer and I have a few questions regarding the tool: 1- I often time receive a mess msoto Closed General Question
#2044 Compatibility with SuiteCRM 7.5.3 - Can you confirm me is work with SuiteCRM ? Thank you etienneroy11 Closed Installation
#1851 Module installed however I don't see the option to create a query - After installing the module I can successfully see the 'SQL Queries/Quick2list subpanel. When selec msoto Closed General Question
#1743 No + sign, No query form - Installed and validated license to our surgarondemand instance. Target List shows vie shows section jmaclaren Closed Bug?
#1725 How long should a remove and replace take to run? - It seems like running a remove and replace takes an awful long time for evern small numbers of recor cwink Closed General Question
#1709 Errors after install - Hello, we've just installed on a self-hosted SugarCRM 7.5 instance. We're rwilliams Closed Bug?
#1675 Create new "+" Icon missing - The plus sign icon for creating a new query is missing. The button maintains functionality, but is h cwink Closed Bug?
#1674 Notification Target list has been update - With large query results populating a target list, it can be very hard to tell if the target list ha cwink Closed Feature
#1651 Stopped populating target lists - We use Sugar 6.5.16 (Build 1082) CE. Since first installation of Quick2List we haven't updated Sugar rebeccaholloway Closed Installation
#1650 Cancel Order - We have not been able to get this module installed correctly and have developed our own method in au etomas Closed General Question
#1646 Install - We are on Sugar 6.2.2 and prior to downloading the software Quick2List we were told it was supported etomas Closed Installation
#1593 Error on run - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/sugarcrm/vocality/modules/off_Dyanmic_T dani.conlon Closed Bug?
#1583 Target list not populating - We are using Sugar 6.7.11 (Build 1053). We have been trialing Quick2List but we are not seeing any c LeahP Closed Bug?
#1512 Limit to a target list? - We have developed an SQL that finds 20,000+ accounts it wants to add to a target list in Sugar. But gavinwilliams Closed General Question
#1511 Custom Fields - Does this product work with custom fields? I'm trying to write an SQL using a customer field I cr gavinwilliams Closed General Question
#1497 Compatibility with SuiteCRM 7.2.2 - Hi There, Would like to know if the module is compatible with SuiteCRM 7.2.2 and what is the one- rahuljain_18 Closed General Question
#1441 issue with saving query - Just bought this product, wrote a query that seems OK but can't save it! Running (Build 1 iain1 Closed Bug?
#1414 No idea about query - Dear Sirs, we ahave bought you module, but big chock (for us) we need to build every in a query. mms Closed General Question
#1344 Installation Failed - Scanning Package Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not confo jjeffries Closed Installation
  • "Works very well. It allows other users in my office who do not know SQL to be hands on in managing target data. One less person we have to hire for."

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