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#4491 - Images cannot be seen by the addressee

Closed Bug? created by pablobeltran a year ago

In the last week we have the issue that the image can't be seen by the contact that receives the email as is shown in the attached imageError.JPG.

Could you please help us with this issue? Is causing really trouble.

Thank you in advance. Best regards.

  1. Exsitec member avatar

    Exsitec Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Pablo,

    Unfortunately, this issue may likely be caused by the receiver's email-server handling of the images, it might be that the recipient's email server is blocking the images. Does this issue arise on a single contact or are there more contacts who cannot see the attached images? If there are more than one, do they use the same email client?

    Best regards, Pontus & Support team

    • pablobeltran member avatar


      a year ago

      Hi Exsitec Team,

      This issue happens with all the contacts who receive emails from Sugar Instance. To send Emails the client that is configured is office365

      Best regards

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