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#4375 - users are reporting their emails are being cut off

Closed Bug? created by chris15 Verified Purchase 2 years ago

hello, multiple users have reported their emails are being cut off after they send an email out of their Quick Email Composer we purchased from yall. at first i thought it was just one user doing something that was causing it but now multiple people have mentioned its happened to them so i dont think its user error. please let me know what documentation you need or if you can jump on a screenshare so we can go over this. thanks in advance!

matt wind 678-636-2507

  1. Exsitec member avatar

    Exsitec Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Hi Matt I am closing this case as we together were not able to reproduce the problem and that it is not happing anymore.

    Br Joakim Norlinder

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