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This popular plugin from Exsitec now also support all SugarCRM's Cloud versions! Supporting your customers has never been easier! Build and send emails in a snap without ever leaving the record that you are on. Replying is now as easy as one click.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4589 V11 Enterprise - We are in urgent need of a working version for V11 - please confirm that you have a working version Kristian Closed Bug?
#4528 Support for Sugar Serve 11.0 - Support for Sugar Serve 11.0 ? DanielRisso Closed Installation
#4491 Images cannot be seen by the addressee - In the last week we have the issue that the image can't be seen by the contact that receives the ema pablobeltran Closed Bug?
#4455 email - When sending Email via Case, the customer's email does not come up automatically in the To box Kristian Closed Bug?
#4454 latest version - where do I find the latest version of the plugin ? Kristian Closed Installation
#4453 update link - still going to DRI - Kristian Closed Installation
#4412 unstable - Hi, we get error message key invalid, just after installing a demo key (replaced) when press save Kristian Closed Bug?
#4375 users are reporting their emails are being cut off - hello, multiple users have reported their emails are being cut off after they send an email out of t chris15 Closed Bug?
#4010 Bug if i receive a mail without body - hi, we added . few modification to quickcompose.js This mod covers the case when someone receive pietro.sacchi Closed Feature
#3646 Any chance of this product working with Sugar 6.5 (CE)? - What are the issues that prevent your product of working with Sugar 6.5 CE? Thanks mmanogueira Closed General Question
#3536 Support for 7.10 Pro? - There are a number of changes coming out with Sugar 7.10 regarding the Emails module and how emails chris15 Closed General Question
#3254 Module breaks Create Article feature in Cases - All in all, this module works well, however, we've run into an issue where enabling the module break chris15 Closed Bug?
#3226 Unable to enter license - I'm running Sugar Pro 7.8.1 On site. followed the directions for installation and after uploadin chris15 Closed Bug?
#2955 SuiteCRM - Hello, Is the Addon works on SuiteCRM 7.3.2? Thank you. raeeskhan Closed Feature
#2662 Can not be installed on cloud instance - Hi, I tried to install your plugin on a sugar demo instance and I got the following error: "Scan Provalida_Patrick Closed Bug?
#2518 Error when opening module admin panel - It is trying to open 1cooper Closed Bug?