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#4231 - Uprgading to a 9.1 Enterprise version

Open Feature created by benoitvoisenet Verified Purchase one month ago


Upgrading from a 7.8 enterprise to a 9.1 enterprise version.
Does Processs manager is still compatible and do you have any package available for the latest release ?

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  1. bconvis member avatar

    salesteam at SierraCRM Provider Affiliate

    one month ago

    Please check your email for invitation to Dropbox. I sent you the latest release that has been tested on Sugar. Please review my notes. We have tested on 8.x. we are still working on testing for 9.x.


    • benoitvoisenet member avatar

      benoitvoisenet Verified Purchase

      one month ago

      hi Sally,

      Thx for your quick reply. I have downloaded the latest package. Please let me know when the 9.x package is available.

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