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#1762 - Automate Email Send

Closed General Question created by mpeet1 4 years ago

Hi was wondering if this is possible with Process Manager...

We have an online more in formation request form. The data is POSTed to Sugar, records created etc. and an email is archived to the contact record. Can PM use the archiving process to trigger an automated reply email? The archived email has standard text in the subject, e.g. Request for Information Pack, an email template has been created in Sugar as a reply. The reply email has to be addressed to the Contact that received the archived email

Thank you for your time and patience


  1. bconvis member avatar

    salesteam at SierraCRM Provider Affiliate

    4 years ago

    Hi Martin,
    You should be able to complete this process. We checked to make sure that Archived Emails trigger the Save Process and it does. The process would be on Emails create where type = archived. You can then choose a specific email template to use and send the email to the related contact. We tested this process out on our demo server and it worked just fine.
    Bill Convis

    • mpeet1 member avatar


      4 years ago

      Hey Bill, thanks for the feedback, will give it a whirl... we're looking at upgrading to Sugar 7.5, does/will your component support that


    • rdouglas member avatar


      4 years ago

      Hey Bill as part of our upgrade to 7.5 process I have uninstalled your component. My SugarCRM log file is filling with the following errors:

      Fri Nov 27 07:15:02 2015 [2911][1][ERROR] Unable to load custom logic file: modules/PM_ProcessManager/insertIntoPmEntryTable.php

      I have found and deactivated the Scheduler for Process Manager, assuming that is the culprit. Might be good to add this as part of the uninstall routine if possible? RE the above managed to get it working. We added a pause between sending the email because part of the routine of receiving the email is to create a new contact if none already exists with that email address. Now it appears to be sending the email twice, any thoughts?


    • bconvis member avatar

      salesteam at SierraCRM Provider Affiliate

      4 years ago

      Process Manager installs a global logic hook in /custom/modules/logic_hooks.php
      You can either remove this file or put // in front of the logic hook.

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