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Your Sugar Workflow Solution! Powerful Process Automation software for all editions of SugarCRM and SuiteCRM (Visit that will allow you and your employees to spend more time doing what they do best: 'Selling To and Servicing Your Customers' and less time trying to manage the day to day repetitive tasks associated with managing your customers. The only SugarCRM approved replacement for Legacy Workflow in Sugar Professional!

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#4231 Uprgading to a 9.1 Enterprise version - Hi, Upgrading from a 7.8 enterprise to a 9.1 enterprise version. Does Processs manager is still benoitvoisenet Open Feature
#4200 Upgrading to Sugar 8 -- need upgrade package for PM >> similar to case #4028 - Upgrading to sugar 8.0.3 from 7.9.5.... seeing if we could get an updated package as well?? thank mhernandez Open Installation
#4033 Add new Lead to Target/Prospect List - I'm trying to figure out how to add a newly created lead to a target list and I can't seem to figure adamalred Open General Question
#4028 Upgrading to Sugar 8 -- need upgrade package for PM - Hello. We are planning on updating our Sugar instance to version 8, and I was hoping you could send fareedjreisat Closed Installation
#4020 Install Process: There are no 'Accept' 'Commit' buttons after clicking install - Process Manager 4.5.1 PM4.5.1 released: 2017-02-23 18:32:52 Hello, I've just attempted install mhernandez Closed Installation
#3970 Some of the process manager processes are not working after Sugar Upgrade - Hi There, We are running a couple of processes running via PM(PM4.5.5upgrade_09202017). Our sugar deepika.kumar Closed Installation
#3932 Updating version fails - We currently have PM 4.5.1 installed. A few months ago Sally sent me the upgrade package to 4.5.5. I fareedjreisat Closed Installation
#3929 Is auto-assign leads function working as intended? - Bill / PM team, Hope you're all doing well. As a long-time user of PM, and I've had (mostly) bad fareedjreisat Closed Bug?
#3895 Missing table - Hi I have the following message in my SuiteCRM log: Tue Sep 25 03:52:16 2018 [11329][5918f2ba-6c1e-f webmaster6 Open Bug?
#3740 Schedulers not running - I uploaded your module and created a process. It's showing me under schedulers just fine stating job shaveekapoor Open Bug?
#3617 SQL Syntax Errors on Sugar 7.9 + MS SQL - We recently installed Process Manager 4.5 on Sugar 7.9 which in turn is running on MS SQL Server. We chrisn Closed Bug?
#3591 Trouble with Install - Due to a larger number of records in our tasks table currently, the installer was having some issues Dan_Lane Open Installation
#3432 Cancel event not working as expected - I created an Opportunity process which will send an email alert if an Opportunity in "Approved& fareedjreisat Open Feature
#3326 Adding new fields to Create Records and Modify Records tasks - Same issue as case #2680 - Hi, can you please assist with issues related to adding adding new fields to Create Records and Modi admin25 Open Bug?
#3316 PM4.5 is not getting uploaded to crm - I'm trying to upload the plugin to the sugarCRM 6.5. It gets up to 83% and nothing happends afterwar nakkarapaka Open Bug?
#3258 Process Manager - Hi Jason and Sales Team Sierracrm, I have this message below " Failed: Subscription has exp atsakalis Open Installation
#3193 Duplicating an Opportunity and relating it to the parent account - I have a process which duplicates an opportunity but does not relate it to the same account. Is this isaacm1695 Open General Question
#3076 Process Manager issue - Hi, When go to use Process Manager today I receive this message included in attachment image file Apostolis Open Installation
#3075 how to create a task when a multiselect value is selected? - Hi, I am trying to create a task that sends a mail when a specific multiselect value is activated ( mad Open General Question
#3005 PM proper removal instructions! - Dear Sirs, Can you please assist in removing PM properly from the system. There are a lot of e it12 Open General Question
#2845 Archive the Records of custom module - Hi Team, Is there any module being available for archive the records at 6 month once. Its our cust kannan Closed General Question
#2812 Changes since 3.0? - Been using PM 3.0 for quite some time now, love it . Noticed you're on 4.3 now. I was trying to figu fareedjreisat Open General Question
#2680 Create new record task - I am not able to add more then one field - I have setup few conditions on the Lead module. Based on that I tried to create a new call ( by fiel realclear1 Open Bug?
#2633 Can you please extend trail period for one month ? - Hi Bill, Can you please extend the trial period for the one month ? Thanks, Alpesh realclear1 Open Installation
#2626 have upgraded from version 4.2 Manual? - Hello   have upgraded from version 4.2 Manual? I would like to know how I can make a flow t victorflores Open Feature
#2579 Process Task will not save - When creating a new workflow, the Process Task entered will appear to save when I click Save, but wh Dan Walsh Closed Bug?
#2549 Do not work in SuiteCRM 7.7.4 - Hello Support member, I have installed ProcessMaker 4.1.1 for SuiteCRM - 7.7.1 successfully. Wh realclear1 Closed Bug?
#2467 Email - If I used the Process Manager to set up an email. Am I able to specify the "FROM" addre jatomusic87 Closed General Question
#2411 License Validation - Hi Can't register product on SuiteCRM 7.6.6 On the screen "Process Manager Add-on: License Co dmitrychichkalenko Closed Bug?
#2410 License Validation - Hi Can't register product on SuiteCRM 7.6.6 On the screen "Process Manager Add-on: License Co dmitrychichkalenko Closed Bug?
#2300 Installation Failed - Hi, I could not install Process Manager 4.1 on our ondemand instance. Our sugar version is Sugar leonell Closed Installation
#2268 PM 4.0 is not working correctly - Hello, I am Running on SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 1163). We had some issues w benoitvoisenet Closed Bug?
#2191 Testing of the WebHooks for SO - Testing of the WebHooks for SO salesteam at SierraCRM Closed Bug?
#2187 PM 4.0 not working in suitecrm - Hello. I use SuiteCRM7.5.1 . Install and validate license ok. But when I try to "Create New Pr maksim Closed Bug?
#2183 Process Manager License Wont Register - On attempting to register my trial of process manager, by entering the provided key. I get an error brentlacey Closed Bug?
#2170 "Invalid Package" when i try to upload PM40 - SugarOutfitters - I Use Suitecrm7.5.1. When i try to upload PM40 - , loader answer that the Packa maksim Closed Bug?
#2154 Process Manager not working - Hi Support, I purchased Process Manager 4.0 and installed it in my SuiteCRM instance. The product richardzhao Closed Bug?
#2033 Interface lacking CSS Sytling - Hi, after installing and validating the license the "Create Process" Screen looks like madmat Closed Bug?
#1978 Process manager 3.0 - Hi, I think this module cannot be installed to Sugarcrm professional OnDemand due to policies. I Marco Moen Closed Bug?
#1962 License key not activitating my application - I executed the application installation and everything went fine until I put in the license key I wa Dan Walsh Closed Bug?
#1952 interface - Functionality seems fine, but not sure about the UI and UX Are you considering an update to moderni Vincent Closed General Question
#1934 Can't access Process manager module to validate license key. - After installing module and setting up scheduler, I can't access Process manager module from All> adhitshet Closed Installation
#1921 Problems on Sugar Pro 7.5.21 - Hey, we've had Process Manager working on all previous versions of Sugar, upgraded to 7.5.21 and hav rdouglas Closed Installation
#1897 New Lead Email creation not working - Just setup the process manager plug-in. Just can't get new lead emails out. I get a sugar CRM ema chuck1 Closed Installation
#1889 Process Manager not saving task upon save - Hi there, I've recently purchased Process Manager, however I'm having some issues getting it to w jeremylinaymason Closed Bug?
#1827 Install stuck - Hi, when I do a Install, it stuck on "Rebuilding Language...en_us" SugarCE 6.1 Regar adriangonzalez Closed Installation
#1810 issue - how can i fix this Joe Closed Bug?
#1803 Can not get install to work.. - We are running version 7.6.1 of on Demand. we get these errors when trying to install: Scann collins Closed Installation
#1762 Automate Email Send - Hi was wondering if this is possible with Process Manager... We have an online more in formation mpeet1 Closed General Question
#1729 PHP version supported - Hi, I'm running a 7.6.1 sugar version and my provider had to update PHP version to 5.4.4. Any co benoitvoisenet Closed General Question
#1670 Process Manager 3.0 support for Sugar 7 - Hi, We have been using Process Manager plugin for Sugar 6.5.x in the past and found it to be very imad.ali Closed General Question
#1666 Development instance license - Hi- I am trying to get this addon running on a development instance. How do you get a 2nd key so I c dtronolone Closed General Question
#1637 Update Field not working - Hello. I have a problem when I triying to update a field with an existing value, in this case , t victorflores Closed Bug?
#1633 Licence issue - Hi, I have install PM on a developpement session (and it worked well !). My integrator changed th benoitvoisenet Closed Bug?
#1601 wont install - Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not conform to the policies e markgroves Closed Bug?
#1555 Process Manager not working - Dear Sir/Madam I purchased the process manager module, and after installing the module I tried to madnan Closed Installation
#1544 License Email Validation Issue - I'm having issues validating my license on install on my dev server - I'm getting the error message ProcialSolutions Closed Bug?
#1518 Compatibility with Suite CRM ?! - Is this software also compatible with the Suite CRM ? ProcialSolutions Closed General Question
#1517 Cronjob not working for SuiteCRM (Suitecrm 7.2.2 and Cpanel hosting)! - Hello, I can't get the SuiteCRM scheduler to run process manager as a cronjob and no job logs ha it12 Closed Bug?
#1513 Process Manager Add-on: License Configuration-Not a valid email issue! - Dear Sirs, I have issue in registering Process manager 3.0. I cannot verify the email address. Wh it12 Closed Installation
#1467 SuiteCRM Compatibility - FAQ says that SuiteCRM is not compatible with PM 2.0, is this also true for 3.0? chrisbrown Closed General Question
#1450 License validatation issue - I'm having issues validating my license on install on my dev server - I'm getting the error message itservices Closed Installation
#1443 Upgrade available - I am updating our system to sugarcrm CE 6.5.21 and this addon breaks the update. Is there a newer ve leeforbes Closed Bug?
#1395 PM 2.5, on SugarCRM 7.5 - Convert Lead – Transfer Notes on Lead to New Contact: video halfway down the page: http://sier mhernandez Closed Feature
#1285 Can't install module - Can't install the module: Die geladene Datei ist nicht mit dieser Sugar Version kompatibel: alexandersteireif Closed Installation
#1268 PHP Version Supported - We are currently using process Manager on PHP 5.2.17 and need to upgrade to 5.3. Will Process Manage haneeffaisal Closed General Question
#1241 Process Manager does not process dynamic tags when related module is added to send email - Hello Support, I am summarizing the issue below Pre-requisite 1) Create a new module as partn Nithya Closed Bug?
#1212 Processes not running - Hello Bill, I have tried since yesterday but i have not been able to run a single process . I tr Ishmeetahuja1 Closed Bug?
#1203 Licensing Issue - Hello, We have bought Process Manager but when I try to validate license after putting my email Ishmeetahuja1 Closed Installation
#1179 links not working - Hi Bill, we have installed the process manager, on Version 6.5.20 on a Host Europe partition. Ther adenion Closed Installation
#1159 Can we set email text without using email template - Hello Bill, While creating a task and choosing send email, is there a way to set custom variables Nithya Closed General Question
#1150 License validation issue - Hello Support, We have purchased Process Manager, when we are trying to validate license, we are Nithya Closed Installation
#1053 Error not compatible with sugar - The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: dtronolone Closed Installation
#1044 Cancel - Please advise how I can cancel a subscription danielquinlan5 Closed Installation
#1011 Question before buying. - Hi, I'm looking to buy the PME and have a question; Is it possible to remove a relationship when ricardopoper Closed Feature
#974 Blank page after install - The process designer works - but the listview etc. are just blank. No apparent errors in Sugar log o VisualReporting Closed Bug?
#959 Blank Leads being created probably because of recurring processes - Hi we have noticed that blank leads ie completely empty leads are being created in our leads module. Knowlarity Communications India Limited Closed Bug?
#958 Duplication Task - It would great to have a process that finds duplicates, by phone number (mobile or office) or email, Knowlarity Communications India Limited Closed Feature
#840 - When will you have a working version anthony Closed General Question
#799 Routing objects - Hi Bill, I'm trying to do this simple task to route leads that get captured through the default w Knowlarity Communications India Limited Closed General Question
#786 Can Procss Manager Help Create Jobs on a Custom modules with Specific Incoming Email Fields - I am wondering if Procss Manager Enterprise can achieve on different Email Inbound and Outbound Requ cait Closed General Question
#777 REST URL - Hi Bill, I'm trying to use REST API need some help. I'm calling an api through which I pass a Knowlarity Communications India Limited Closed Feature
#729 Process Manager not showing as installed and license key not resetting - I installed process manager on my dev server, it didn't show up in the installed module loader area, bob Closed Bug?
#703 Specific field get changed - Hi Is there any functionaliy for when a specific field gets changed and/or from/to a specific val jberg Closed General Question
#657 Issue in 6.1.2 - I installed Process Manager Enterprise 2.1 in my sigarcrm6.1.2, but i get the error "There is n gopinath Closed General Question
#639 Not compatible with 7.2.0 - Hi When trying to install the zip, I get "Not comaptible with this version of Sugar: 7.2.0. jberg Closed Installation
#402 How to I accomplish the following workflow? - When a Task is created, I would like to send an email to the assigned user of the related Opportunit Ticomix, Inc Closed General Question
#395 Available On-demand - I wonder if there's capabilities of implementation of this gadget on On-demand instances. jucacerval Closed General Question
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